Cloud Infra Services

Cloud adoption is transforming business but also presenting challenges for IT management and security. Businesses can leverage the cloud to drive business innovation and agility for workloads and applications. However, cloud security and management are not always top-of-mind and often an after-thought, which is increasing companies’ exposure to unnecessary risks.

Afflux Systems’s cloud services enable customers to gain better visibility and control over their cloud environment to minimize risks while continuing to enable business innovation. With three cloud options to meet your needs, our public, private or hybrid cloud can be quickly spun up or down to enable faster time to market, meet seasonal demand or maximize resource utilization. Afflux Systems cloud services enable a more agile approach to IT environments to ensure health and performance, maximize resource utilization and waste elimination.

Better Agility

Respond to change quicker with infrastructures configured to meet current and future needs.

Stronger Security

Secure your sensitive mission-critical data and applications behind Magna5’s proven security measures.

Drive Innovation

Continue to drive business innovation with next-generation technologies that work for your business needs.

24/7/365 Support

Our 24/7/365 Operations Center manages and supports your public cloud for health and performance.

Secure Data Centers

We have partnered with the most secure and robust data centers in the world to ensure your cloud production.

More Availability

Prevent unplanned downtime through resilient architectures that are monitored and managed 24/7/365.